About Us

    We are The Paranormal Unicorn. We are an audio-visual artist collective that specialize in stage design based in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2011, we aim to create striking content and immersive installations for global brands, music festivals, clubs and entertainers alike. Clients come to us for innovative solutions that blend the latest technologies with creative strategies, from small installations to full-scale festival stage design.

    Artistically, we strive to provide an immersive experience for our audiences. We aim to redefine the space that our installations occupy and hopefully to spark an emotional connection. Whether reinterpreting music into light at concerts or providing an ambient feeling for permanent installations, we pour our creative essence into each and every project we take on.

Our Skills

Film Production

Light installations

Stage Design

Custom Fabrication

Touring Production

Set Design

Motion Graphics

Corporate Video

Team Members

Stefan Herbert

Creative Director & CEO

Dominik Hell-Weltzl

Head of Production

Connie Yang

Creative Director


Camo & Krooked | Best Live Act

In 2014, we developed the Zeitgeist Tour for Camo & Krooked’s live show. This included a full-scale  LED installation, media operation and light control. The visual show combined with Camo & Krooked’s mind-blowing live set garnered them a Drum&Bass Arena award for best live act.

Click here to listen to the live set that nabbed them this award.