“This is Hidden Noise, a short film that uses light as a means to sense the city around us and reveal the hidden signals that surround us.
Using a transducer, the electro-magnetic signals in the air (Wi-Fi, power lines, cell phones, etc) have been translated into audible sound and translated again into light.
Using this instrument, it becomes apparent that the hidden can have a greater impact on our lives that the visible and the obvious.”

This project was conceived in cooperation with David Osthoff during a workshop hosted by Christina Kubisch. The electro-magnetic transducers that Kubisch developed were the departure point for this project. They interpreted electro-magnetic signals from the urban environment and translated them into audio signals. Additionally, we used these audio signals as input for an LED stick of our own design, which produced ghostly light reminiscent of an audio waveform.

The video itself was created using two cameras: one for long exposure photography and the other for video. We combined both images then to create the final product. The piece has been exhibited in Vienna and China. Here you can find some media on this piece.

Review of the Vienna exhibition (German)

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