Beatthroat Stage

Urban Art Forms Festival 2014

Stage One 2012

audio-visual LED booth


live stage show for Camo & Krooked


Who are we?

We are The Paranormal Unicorn, an audio-visual artist collective based in Vienna, Austria. Founded in 2011, we’ve been playing festivals and creating stunning visual delicacies for over 3 years now


What do we do?

We design and create light installations, as well as creating visuals, projection mapping and motion graphics. While we love all forms of visual media, our main focus lies in the marriage of light and architecture


What can we do for you?

With years of experience, we can offer you a range of services, from simple graphic design to full stage production. Our expertise lies in creating light sculptures using LEDs or projection mapping with high production value

Some of our recent work


Zeitgeist Tour 2014

Camo & Krooked


Red Bull Music Academy Stage

Urban Art Forms 2014

diamond stage uaf

Future Beats Stage

Urban Art Forms 2014

mr mask 2.1

Beatthroat Stage

Urban Art Forms 2014


Winter Tour 2013

Camo & Krooked

freakwave 2013

Freakwave Festival 2013





Stage One



     Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky enough to play at some incredible events and work for some great clients. Some of the festivals we have played include the Urban Art Forms Festival, the Frequency Festival and the Freakwave Festival. We’ve also worked with some incredible talent like Camo&Krooked, Red Bull and the Pratersauna.