Beatthroat Stage

Urban Art Forms Festival 2014

Stage One 2012

audio-visual LED booth


live stage show for Camo & Krooked


Le Club

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On what turned out to be quite a rainy weekend in August, we set up an installation at the Bregenzer Festspielhaus for our good friends over at Superbacon using the same material we had previously used for our installation at Prater Unser: empty beer crates! It’s always good to come back and play on our home turf in Vorarlberg. The music was banging and we were able to meet up with some old friends. Here’s a short video Superbacon put together of the first night.

Prater Unser

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It seems we’ve taken a turn for the (sac)religious
After being asked by the Pratersauna to create something special for their event Prater Unser, we threw a few ideas around until coming up with the Great Beer Cross. A 3-meter tall monument to the Neue Festament, as the Pratersauna calls it, the Great Beer Cross was standing proudly for the entirety of the 5 day festival. Built out of 32 beer crates and LEDs, this marked our 3rd collaboration with one of Vienna’s most legendary clubs.

If you’re worried that all this is a tad too sacrilegious, well then I guess you’re fears aren’t unfounded but that’s just the way we roll. Here’s our impression of the Prater Unser festival and hit the jump for the admittedly tasteless (yet undeniably hilarious) trailer for the event. Be sure to stay tuned for more collaborations with the Pratersauna. Until then, stay gorgeous.


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A Midsummer’s Night Dream

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It has been an uphill battle to finish Icarus, I can tell you that much.
Between delays in shipping and the complexities of working with plexiglass, it’s been a struggle. All paid off in the end, I’d say, but I’ll leave that for you to judge. Icarus finally had his first chance to shine at the Pratersauna last Saturday at Ein Sommernachtstraum (eng. A Midsummersnight Dream). It was a real relaxed event, starting early in the afternoon and reaching far into the night. We chilled with friends and danced with strangers but most importantly, we all basked in the warmth of Icarus’ nourishing light.

We’re working on an official promo video right now, filming dates and crew are scheduled, but until then we have this video of Ein Sommernachtstraum to satisfy your visual needs. Check it out, it was an incredibly fun night, hopefully you can be there next time.


Tanz Durch Den Tag

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tanz durch den tag

I love to dance. I gotta say, I really do.
But why should this joyous activity be limited to the night? That was the goal of Tanz Durch Den Tag (eng. Dance Through the Day), to create a platform for open air concerts in Vienna where you can dance to your hearts desire, basking in the warmth of the summer sun. They’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s not a new concept by a long shot but it’s definitely something that has been missing in the Viennese electronic scene. Since they’ve started, all sorts of other similar events have been cropping up: our friends from Kommst Du Mit? (eng. Are You Coming?), the kind gentlemen of Kein Sonntag Ohne Techno (eng. No Sunday Without Techno) and other, smaller events have been dancing through the day.

So when we were asked to create an LED installation for their event OCEANIA, we put our thinking caps on. When we arrived and saw the beautiful cloth jellyfish they had hanging over the DJs, we decided to go ahead and illuminate the piece of art and simply dubbed it: JELLY. We dance through the day and deep into the night until we got shut down by the cops. Watch the video below for a quick (albeit abstract) impression of that installation and see it in all it’s glory.



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icarus pyramid close up shot

Time for an update
It’s been awhile since we revealed the teaser for the new ICARUS stage and while we’ve been keeping the whole project pretty tightly under wraps, we’ve been busting our asses off to get this project finished. Having spent three of our vacation weeks working on the stage, the finish line is in sight and we can assure you that it’s looking beautiful. I don’t want to brag, but my mom said it was “wonderful, honey!” and you know she knows what’s up.
Another announcement we’d like to make is our latest collaboration with a new friend of ours, Ben-E. Hailing from Salzburg, Ben-E is a super laid-back techno DJ that we’ve been hanging out with recently. He saw some of our work and decided to contact us to see if we’d like to collaborate for a live set. Of course we said yes, and now we’re on our way to having a perfectly synced set for this man when ICARUS is finished. We’ll be getting live midi information from his music and translating that straight into light. I think it’s a pretty nice concept, don’t you think? I’ll let you decide for yourselves when everything is finished. For now, check out some of Ben-E’s music on Soundcloud, it’s pretty mesmerizing stuff.

Ehrmahgerd It’s A Triangle!

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I think the title says it all. We have officially embraced hipsterdom.
Time to release a new mix. All we need is horn-rimmed glasses and we’re good to go. Things have been going pretty well for us recently. Progress on the new stage ICARUS is coming along as well, so you’ll soon be seeing an update on that as well. We’ve been getting more gigs as DJs as well, which naturally makes us happy, so if you see a poster with ‘The Paranormal Unicorn’ on it, stop by, say hi and have a drink with us. You know we’re down to meet new people. As for this mix, I think it’s pretty boss. So turn up the volume on your Beats by Dre, stare wistfully out the window and let this mix flow through your bones.

Bloons Bloons Bloons!

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Woot woot! Last Friday was a blast with everyone who came out…
A big thanks to everyone involved and to the Cafe Leopold as well, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. The music was loud and the visuals were tight. We premiered our newest addition to our visual repertoire: BLOONS, and I think it’s fair to say that we rocked some socks. Though I gotta say, I think we underestimated the setup a little. You can’t really tell on the video but those LEDs are about 8cm wide, so getting them into the balloons was…a struggle. We dubbed it artificial LED insemination. Also, when you have a cable running out of your balloon, it’s pretty damn difficult to get the balloon air-tight. In the end though, all turned out for the best, so without further ado, I give you our impression of the night.


Superbacon 2013 Teaser

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Cafe Leopold, here we come again
It’s been a whole year since we last graced the Cafe Leopold with our presence, and the time has come again to celebrate. It’s Superbacon‘s 1st Birthday and they’ve once again asked us to do something special for the event. We’ve been itching to try out something new for awhile, so we’ve developed a concept that we’d like to try out on the dance floor. I don’t want to entirely spoil the surprise for you but it has to do with balloons. And daaaaancing.

It’s not only Superbacon’s birthday, it’s also my own, so stop by on the 15th of March to join in the festivities. You won’t regret it, I promise. I wouldn’t lie to you, would I?

We’ll be playing with Wild Culture and some other great DJs so here’s a cool little teaser we cooked up for the event

bloons teaser

Project ICARUS

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Whadduppers? Time for some breaking news
While we hold our beloved Stage One dearly, it’s simply time for us to move on and create some newer, bigger projects. We’ve been working on this one for awhile now and we’re confident enough to show it to the world now. Code-named ICARUS, we decided to once again to go with LEDs instead of projection mapping. We just love the aesthetic that only true light can provide. This time around we took a departure from the square feeling and decided to go with a polygonal vibe. Estimated date of completion: March (ish). While I won’t reveal too many details here, check out the teaser yourself and go tell your friends. Until then, stay sweet…


Happy New Year!

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Good day or night to you, dear fans, depending on where you are.
I would like to say a few words about this past year. 2012 was an amazing year for us as visual artists. We played for some amazing crowds and we played with some exceptional individuals. As you may or may not have known, Philipp and I are DJs as well and this year, as our notoriety as visual artists gained, we were also able to get bookings as DJs alongside our visual set. And so now we’ve decided to combine our musical and visual talents under one name: The Paranormal Unicorn. All our DJ mixes and visual material will now be released under one name.

In honor of this we’re revamping the cover artwork of our old mixes, starting with the ‘Ides of March Mix’. So check out our Soundcloud and stay tuned for more updates. Until then, stay gorgeous.

ides of march mix